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Reusable Silicone Bags

Reusable Silicone Bags

Reusable Silicone Bags



Made with 100% platinum silicone. Because you're worth it. Traditional plastic containers are petroleum based and can contain harmful chemicals. These toxins can leach into your food especially when heating or microwaving. That's why pure silicone is the best choice for your health.

The world's first fully functional, self-sealing, non-plastic bag. Plus unlike traditional plastic bags, our reusable silicone bags contain no BPA, no PVC, and no latex. Keep your food safe from contaminants in your reusable silicone bags.


It's not magic, it's just very reusable. Our reusable silicone bags were designed with the environment in mind. One silicone bag can replace 5000+ disposable bags. The average family can use up to 2000 plastic bags a year. All that plastic can end up in landfills and the ocean. Save yourself and save the planet. The turtles 🐢 will thank you for it.


These babies can take the heat! Our reusable silicone bags are safe to use on the top or bottom racks of your dishwasher. They are food safe and can be microwaved and heated up to 425°F (220°C). They're also flexible and expandable so you can use them in the freezer. Squeeze out air then zip.  Buh-bye freezer burn. 


Bags Set:

- Snack Size: 4oz (118ml) / 6"x1"x3"

- Sandwich Size: 24oz (710ml) / 7.5"x1.5"x6"

Dishes Set:

- Small Dish: 16oz (473ml) / 7"x3"x4"

- Medium Dish: 24oz (710ml) / 8"x3.5"x4.5"

- Large Dish: 32oz (946ml) / 9"x4"x5"

Cup Set

- Small Cup: 8oz (237ml) / 5"x2.5"x5"

- Medium Cup: 16oz (473ml) / 5.5"x3"x6"

- Large Cup: 24oz (710ml) / 6"x3.5"x7"